Glide-Pro Stabilization System

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Cafe Fairing - PRIMER ONLY $500.00
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(1) COLOR | The name of your Harley Davidson Color Custom paint available
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All 3 Windshields will fit all the fairings that we offer. Try 1 of the others for a different look or maybe the tall windshield for trips and 1 of the others for day rides. | Our windshields only fit our fairings.
Short Windshield | VIEW PHOTO
Tall Windshield | VIEW PHOTO
Bubble Windshield | VIEW PHOTO
Order Extra Short Windshield | VIEW PHOTO
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Order Extra Tall Windshield | VIEW PHOTO
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Order Extra Bubble Windshield | VIEW PHOTO
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Polished Stainless Steel Brackets Included
Black Powder Coated Brackets Included
- 8 inch Headlight Hole | VIEW PHOTO Included
- 9 inch Headlight Hole | VIEW PHOTO Included
Add Dimples | VIEW PHOTO Included
Do Not Add Dimples | VIEW PHOTO Included
LED Running Lights Upgrade $180.00
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Improper installation of this product may result in an accident and/or death. Operator/Rider of motorcycle where Glide-Pro Stabilizing System is installed does so at his/her own risk.

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